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Corporate Advertising

At Sindbad Balloons, we offer a fully integrated service, from designing, selecting and creating your balloon, to managing it's appearances and flights. We take care of all provisions for pilots and crews, logistics and all the needed and legal requirements.

Check out the Features of
Balloons Advertising

  • We work with you to create a schedule of appearances for the balloon, ranging from your trade events, to large balloon festivals attracting thousands of people.
  • We can also handle your national requirements, linking where necessary with our network of our dealers to handle planning and logistics.
  • Using our knowledge and experience of balloons we can also supply specialist PR support to ensure that the impact of your balloon is maximized.
  • We provide an unparalleled, impactful, advertising concept with a mobile, unique, niche platform for Sindbad Balloons! Your logo will be dedicated to an entire balloon, manufactured to your specifications.
  • We will educate your advertising team about ballooning, and how this media can give you the market presence and advantage over the competition.

Lets us maintain your
Image and Perception

Your company's image and the perception of your business is our business. All event/flight staff maintain a professional appearance and operate only clean, late-model or new aircraft/vehicles. Additionally, since we are an extension of your company, we guarantee our staff will be uniformed with your logo. We hire skilled public relations ambassadors who will represent you very well at events/flights. Let Sindbad Balloons maximize your appearance by using our Hot Air Balloon Advertising

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On-Site, Versatile & Mobile Advertising Platform

Hot air balloons are uniquely versatile and can be employed promotionally in many effective ways. Whether on static display at new business openings, conventions, company events, product launches OR in flight over target market areas, rush hour traffic, or key urban public events, your company's presence cannot be missed by tens of thousands of consumers at a time.

Get Best, Reliable & Cost Effective Services

What is the value of a billboard that a consumer wants to photograph or the value of a television commercial consumers want to record? No other media offers this kind or level of appeal. A hot air balloon has a CPM of 5 to 7 times less than any other traditional media type. The corporate Hot Air Balloon exceeds standard advertising and becomes its own special event.

Curious about
Our Fleet

We have always operated the most modern equipment available. Our balloons feature the quietest burners available, heat shields to reduce the amount of heat on your head and aerobic flooring and side wall padding in our baskets for your comfort and safety. We provide hot air balloon baskets that carry fewer passengers than competitors, which gives our passengers an open atmosphere feel to enjoy the stunning views on their balloon ride.