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This page contains a collection of the answers to the most common questions people ask about our flights and hot air balloons.

Where will we fly ?
We study the prevailing winds at different elevations and select a take-off site that will provide the best flight-path possible. The pilot ascends and descends to find air currents that are moving in the desired direction. Balloons can only travel with the wind, but our skilled pilots direct the balloon throughout the flight and it often appears as if the balloon was steered!

What does it feel like during the flight ?
Once aloft you will not notice turbulence or wind as you become one with the air currents. The basket hangs motionless in the air-mass in which it is suspended. In the calm conditions in which we fly there is nothing that can make the basket sway and the sense of movement is much more subtle than an elevator ride. The feeling is one of peace as we drift over treetops and float over the countryside. Vertigo is almost never experienced and we are always happy to accommodate our passengers if they prefer low altitude flights. Some passengers describe the sensation they feel on our flights as "tranquil" and "romantic" while others describe the flight as "gentle and calm."

Do passengers sit or stand during the flight ?
Passengers normally stand in the basket during flights, however we can accommodate those passengers who need to be seated.

Where do we land ?
We are welcome to land in the many open fields in the area we fly over. Your pilot will begin the gentle descent when he finds an appropriate landing site that is accessible by our ground crew.